Hiring Managers Are Seeing More Lies on Resumes — Fortune

Ever tried to track down a job reference who turns out to be as mythical as Batman, or verify a former title at a now-defunct startup? Or maybe you’ve met a candidate whose MBA from a prestigious B-school was in fact a two-week management seminar, or whose resume lists a job that never actually existed.…

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Treasury Will Put Harriet Tubman on the $20 Bill — Fortune

Alexander Hamilton finally won a duel. Treasury Secretary Jack Lew is set to announce that the face of Hamilton, the nation’s first Treasury Secretary, will remain on the face of the $10 bill, according to a report in Politico. Instead, Lew will replace Andrew Jackson on the $20 bill with the African-American abolitionist and former…

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1 Year of Virtual Assistant Success

Today really snuck up on me!   This spring has been a busy season … but I had to take some time out today to say that today is Let Lonye’s 1st Birthday!!  The past year has brought with it a lot of success in the virtual world. Let Lonye has served clients from all over North America.

I started by offering basic administrative services, but I’ve found that many of my clients were looking for things such as 501c3 services, travel agent services, and apartment locating services.  I believe in constantly updating my service list to meet the needs of my clients. This has been strategic to the success of Let Lonye.

Becoming a virtual assistant was the perfect fit for me. It has allowed me to provide for my daughter and utilize the skills I have acquired in the non – virtual workplace and college.  It has been an incredible year with a lot of learning along the way. I am so happy that I chose virtual assistance and look forward to serving even more clients over the next year.

In celebration of this milestone, Let Lonye is offering 1 free hour, of virtual assistant services with every 5 paid hours.

To learn more about Let Lonye Virtual Assistant Services and the “Anniversary Sale” go to http://letlonyeva.com



5 Things To Do Tonight For A Better Tomorrow

If your mornings are hectic and rushed, don’t worry! Here are 5 tips we are sharing with you to give your mornings ease. Follow these tips and your anxiety filled mornings will soon disappear!

5 Things to do tonight for a better tomorrow

We here at Let Lonye® love finding tips and tricks for making life easier, more organized and less stressful. Most of us have very busy, limited mornings. Starting your day off in a rushed and hectic way can set a bad tone for the rest of the day. We want to share 5 things that you can do tonight, in 20 minutes or less, that will make tomorrow morning run smoothly. Continue reading “5 Things To Do Tonight For A Better Tomorrow”

Non-profits need Virtual Assistants too…

Non-profits need Virtual Assistants too
You can do anything, but not everything. Let me help!

The non-profit sector has been one of the hardest hit during the current fiscal crisis. Many non-profits are struggling with funding cuts which have resulted in staff reductions. As a result of these reductions, many non-profit organizations have lost valuable administrative/office staff.  But the day to day administrative work is still there and has to be done. Program directors, finance coordinators, communications specialist… everybody is pitching in doing admin work on top of their own work.

Now, more and more organizations are finding the expert support they need by working with a Virtual Assistant. Virtual Assistants offer non-profit organizations a practical, cost saving solution to the loss of office staff.  By providing administrative support without the costly overhead associated with conventional employees, a professional VA can step in and provide a wide range of administrative support services that can be customized to fit your organizational needs.

Consider just some of the services an experienced VA can provide:

  • Word Processing/Spreadsheets
  • Mail Merges and Direct Mail Support
  • Data Entry – Data Organization
  • Database/Contact Management
  • Social Media Marketing Facebook – Linked In – Twitter
  • eMail Marketing – eNewsletters
  • Donor follow-up letters, cards and emails
  • Development of training materials

Let Lonye is a Dallas based firm that specializes in providing administrative support services to non-profit organizations on an as needed basis at truly affordable prices. Contact me, Brittany Jones – Jacobs, anytime and let’s talk about how I can assist your organization.

Four Easy Steps to Get the Most out of your Virtual Assistant


The beauty of having a virtual assistant is that you can get off your plate those tasks that you don’t want or don’t have time to do. There is an art to delegating. It’s not a complicated art, like jazz improvisation, but it does have this in common with jazz: It requires communication.

To get the most out of your virtual assistant, it helps to have a plan as to how you’re going to communicate your needs, the extent to which you will manage the virtual assistant, and how you’re going to shape the relationship so that it keeps improving. Here are four easy steps to make sure that you are effectively delegating tasks to your virtual assistant.

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10 Things Your VA Can Do To Make Your Life Easier

I’ve heard people say things like “I’m used to dealing face-to-face with people at work”.  But when you think about it, most of us are already working virtually; by phone, Skype, e-mail, online meetings – it’s how things get done.  Working with a Virtual Assistant is no different.  Then there’s… “I don’t think a Virtual Assistant would work for me. I need my assistant to be close by”.  I love this one because it gives me a chance to describe some of the things a VA can do without being anywhere near them. Here are just a few:

  1. Email: Your Virtual Assistant can reduce your email load by screening your daily email. She can probably handle a good deal of it herself and flag the rest for your personal attention. She’ll also organize your email into useful folders. Great time saver!
  2. Electronic Marketing: Your Virtual Assistant can help you build loyalty, trust and brand awareness by sending out consistent eBlasts and eNewsletters. This is a time and money saving way to stay in touch with your client base and potential clients and to keep them informed about what your business is doing.
  3. Social Media Marketing: Social Media accounts collecting dust? Creating and sharing information and ideas via Social Media is almost a mandatory business tool – but not the best use of your time. But it’s another marketing tool your VA can handle for you with consistency. Continue reading “10 Things Your VA Can Do To Make Your Life Easier”